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Sun, 06 Oct 2013

September 30, 2013
Transfers this week. This big news is . . . nothing. The only change is my district is our district leader and that's because he's been a missionary for two years and one month (at this moment he's probably already at home). They still haven't told us who our new district leader will be, but it's not that important for right now. We're getting ready for a baptismal service on October twelfth which has got us pretty excited. There are always a few problems with getting someone ready for baptism, but that's part of the mission. The weather has changed from occasionally tolerable to unbearably hot with temperatures well over a hundred degrees and a scorching sun. We're still working hard, though. Also drinking lots of water. I've been drinking about four liters a day. General conference is going to be a big deal next week, we're right now wroking to get as many people as possible to attend. My companion's birthday is this month which means that almost all of my companions have had birthdays with me. If I had had as many birthdays as my companions, I'd be thirty by now. It's been a good week, we had lots of people at church and lots of people progressing. Hope you're all doing well and driving carefully (that means you, Melody). I love you all, y que Dios os bendiga.
Élder Bryan Hall
posted at: 18:45 |

September 23, 2013
Buenas tardes, todos. I'm here in Mexico for another week. They were predicting hurricane, but the weather continues the same as always: sunny and hot. We've had some disappointments this week, but also some good experiences. We were going to have a baptism, but that fell through. We did find some promising new investigators including an American named Mike who we're teaching in English. This Monday the washing Machine we normally use to do laundry broke down, so we weren't able to wash on Monday. Or on Tuesday. Or any day until Friday when we ran out of clean clothes and it became imperative that we do it immediately. So we found a member who was willing to help us out. The thing was that on Thursday we were taking a shortcut and we both fell in a river and got our clothes scummy and black. I don't know what exactly was in the river, but it wasn't water, and it smelled foul. But we were already out of clean clothes and there was nothing we could do except finish out the day in what we had on. But it was alright. And all our clothes are clean now. That's about it. Transfers are next week, so anything could happen. Que Dios os bendiga,
Élder Bryan Hall
posted at: 18:43 |

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