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Thu, 14 Mar 2013

March 11, 2013

Wishing everyone a happy Monday from here in México. Our work has been progressing apace, and we are doing a lot to improve this area. Our goal for this coming time is to make our branch into a ward (and we're almost there). There is lots to do, however, we have 185 inactive families in our branch that we need to work with. This past week I was pretty sick (probably the worst cold I've ever had), but we still got good work done. On Friday there was a baptism (not one of ours, a member) and there was a very exciting fire behind our church building that I put out all by myself (we had plenty of water because of the baptism, so that was good). On Saturday we left the city and taught a bunch of lessons in one of the colonies (Colonia Carmen). We're preparing a noche de hogar for the less-active members there, but we invited everyone we saw to come. On Sunday we had stake conference and found when we arrived in Villahermosa that it was a very special conference with Elder Scott and Elder Bednar in attendance. So that was a highlight of the week (although I enjoyed reading your emails, too). We're going to continue working this next week to have even more success. Hopefully the weather cooperates, it's been scorching hot (and everyone says it's only getting hotter).
Love you all,
Elder Hall


Addition from Jan: Evidentally Bryan has not been getting mail. I've written at least every week but most of that has been pouch and I think these are all at the mission home still. He asked us to send via computer now so I've done that the last two weeks. But I got a surprise phone call from the mission president on Monday night asking why we were not writing to Bryan. This letter implies that Bryan heard from someone, so we will have to get him to clear this up.  I think the mission president should talk to Bryan about his short letters that leave me with more questions than answers… For example, this letter makes that comment about the fire. Don't you think that merits at least a paragraph?

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