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Mon, 04 Mar 2013

March 4, 2013
I am doing well here in Reforma. The last several days have been pleasantly cool, so everyone has been complaining about the cold. We had a baptism in the rain on Friday; there was not enough water in the church's water tank to fill the font, so we had to carry water in 19 Liter buckets (they don't use gallons in México) from our house to the church (it's about 200 meters) to fill it. And then it started to rain, and we spent the whole day soaking wet. But that's alright. One of our investigators got shot and couldn't come to church on Sunday (we'll see how that goes). We are working on getting our branch its own chapel (and not just something rented). There are still some things we have to do, but the purchase for the land has already been approved. The family we live with is building us a house in their backyard and that should be ready for us to move in in another month or so (the way they build in México is very different from the way they build in the U.S. I'm working hard and, so far, I haven't starved to death, so don't worry about me too much. I would like to hear from you, though. Email is fine, I have time to read it.
Love from,
Elder Hall
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